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Check out our new service!!!!

On site "Herd Evaluation".

We will come to your farm to perform our 15 step numeric evaluation of alpacas of your choice.

Your packet will include ARI and relevant Import Data, 15 step assessment and micron reading on the SPOT!

Fall is here!

Add LEGENDARY GENETICS to your herd.

Presumption will be back November 2017.

We have three breedings open for purchase to local farms of our choosing. Please contact us directly for further details.

Alpaca is the most versatile of all naturals fibers, We put every strand to good use.

We are the fiber of the future.... and we promote the future of your fiber.

As a breeder for ten years, we have shown, educated, and delivered on all our promises.

Alpacas leave no environmental footprint. We use everything they produce right down to those beautiful little beans for compost.

Come to visit us today!

We offer many flexible plans to meet almost anyone's needs.